Fountain City STEAM Camp

Check out this great video to see some of what the CHSF accomplished in 2018.



Grant Funds Available

For the 2019-2020 school year, the Central High School Foundation has established a pool of funds designated for staff grants.  These funds are to be used to fund items or initiatives that cannot be funded in another way.  

Staff members can submit an application for grant funds to the Principal, and then he will determine if the application should be forwarded to the Foundation to be considered for funding.  Applications can be submitted at any time during the school year.

See below to download an application.

Work toward making Central a STEM/STEAM Hub for the schools of north Knox County

Help from the Foundation allowed Central to purchase a 3D-printer in 2019.  The 3D printer allows our students to imagine, design, create and prepare for the future. Our students can then move from being consumers of technology to being creators and designers of technology. 

Established North Knoxville’s first high school based summer STEAM Camp

As shown in the video above, the Foundation is providing critical support for the first STEAM Camp based in a north Knoxville high school and It will be the second high school summer STEAM Camp in Knox County.  The inaugural camp was held in June and was an effective follow-up to Shannondale’s STEM Camp. It was a week-long camp for rising 4th-7th graders where campers will had the opportunity to explore, science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics in a fun hands-on environment. Learning activities included lessons in biology, chemistry, and physics, rocket building, multi-story egg drops, fun with iPads, iPods, computers, and calculators. Campers learned tech ethics, coding, and math through art as well as music, games, and manipulatives. They got to see the connection between art and science, make stuff, break stuff, and take stuff apart. They learned about robots, experience the engineering design process first-hand, and tried their hand at theater and music. Campers made their own snacks (food engineering) and tried their hand at dissection, forensics, and anatomy. The camp was be staffed by high school, middle school, and elementary school teachers. High school students served as teaching assistants and camp counselors. The week ignited the spark of learning in campers eyes and it is a project which the Foundation hopes to continue in future years!

Staff Grant Application

CHSF Grant Application Form (pdf)