Thank you 2019 Donors & Pledges

Diamond level- $3,000 and up

Eddie Mannis/Prestige Cleaners  

Tim  & Diana McDonald   

John & Kim Meade   

George & Tracie Sanger   

Owen & Nancy Nevader  

Herb & Rita Sanger    

Platinum level- $1,000 and up

 Andy & Kathy Bolton 

David & Jessica Wilds 

John & Kelly Gregory

Mark & Amy Hayes   

Mike & Lori Hensley

Warren Payne

Gold level- $500 and up

Troy & Denise Turrentine

Jennafer Leach

Silver level- $250 and up

Jackie Raley

John Whitehead

John & Laura Biddle

 R. Larry Smith  

 Stephen Land    

Nick Pavlis

Representative Bill Dunn

Julia & Marty Gibbs

John Mebane

Bronze level- Up to $ 250

Bud Bales

Ralph Alexander

Nathan & Lisa Ivey   

Barry Litton     

Lynn Fugate  

Jenny Peek 

Tracy Poulsen

JD Lambert

Kevin & LeighAyn Kennard  

Ben & Libba Jaco  

Charles Harrington  

Virginia Dougherty   

Charles Sanger 

Deborah Sayers 

Jim & Kathleen Thompson  

Lauren Kenny 

Indya Kincannon 

Andrew Hartung  

Mike Anderson   

Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Majors   

Bill Nickle    

Russell Wise

Shara Shoup

Diane & Steve Redd

Lindsay Minton

2018 Donors through September 2018

Thank You to Our Donors




Audiology Solutions

Andy & Kathy Bolton

Travis & Layna Clester

Christopher & Katherine Cox

City of Knoxville

Donald & Connie Daniel

Kevin & Elizabeth DeBusk

Joe DeCosta

Representative Bill Dunn

Vickie Durham

Johnny & Kelly Gregory

Larry & Laura Harper

JD & Dennise Howard

Jewels By Parklane

Jane Kaufman Jones

Kevin & LeighAyn Kennard

James & Jennafer Leach

Kina  Mallard

Tim & Diana McDonald

John & Kim Meade

John & Jennifer Morris

Robert Mynatt

Owen & Nancy Nevader

Nick Pavlis

Prestige Cleaners

Chris & Meredith Prince

Michael & Sallee Reynolds

George & Tracie Sanger

Tom & Charlotte Schumpert

Courtney Shea & Durant Thompson 

Dr. Bill Snyder

U.S. Bank Employee

Phillip Venditti

David & Jessica Wilds 

Michael Winget